The road to Plate Delta
The road to Plate Delta
Johannes Baas

The Road to Plate Delta

Have a look behind the scenes of Plate Delta.

About Us

Hi! Welcome in our community. We would like to share something with you.

Over the last 8 years, we have built Plate into a mature Content Management Platform.

What started as a website builder out of frustration due to inefficiencies in managing and creating content has grown into a platform which serves almost 1000 companies.

Our road was bumpy and we overcame many obstacles as a team.

Right now we are facing a new phase in our journey. We are going to build our future platform in the next few years. 

We have seen the CMS landscape change. The rise of website builders and headless platforms have divided the CMS world. Traditional CMSs like WordPress are finding it difficult to respond to both trends.

With Plate, we want to bring two worlds together. The world of the marketer who wants to create low-code content experiences and the world of the developer who wants to set up complex data models. 

We walk along a narrow path and do not choose the easy way. But we firmly believe in our mission to help content marketeers make more impact by sharing better content experiences with Plate.

Join us on our journey.

In this private communty we like to share our challenges, obstacles and concrete ideas with you. We invite you to not just watch, but to actively comment and give feedback on what we do. Because we believe that we can only develop the best Content Experience Management Platform with the support of our customers and partners.